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MyCheckBox is a customisable checklist app. It enables more efficient reporting, automated checklists and no paperwork involved!


About Us

Why do we create checklists? We do it because we easily forget things. Using a checklist ensures we don’t forget anything. But how many of us still use the old fashioned and unrealiable pen and paper method?

Not any more! We’ve created the MyCheckBox App so you and your operatives never forget daily tasks so you can devote your entire time DOING the task. Use the App on mobiles, ipads, notebooks and laptops, your checklist is always accessible and up-to-date in real time.

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Digital Checklists

Every business checklist, operative and team, all in one place.

The MyCheckBox App puts you in control of your business. Your daily, weekly and monthly checklists are always visible and accurate. Even last-minute tasks can be accepted, operatives appointed and added to your next service request.

By using the MyCheckBox App you can easily delegate tasks and assign to operatives knowing that the checklist will be accurate for everyone it is assigned to.

As your business grows, your MyCheckBox App grows too, it’s easy to add new companies, operatives and update, amend or create new task lists. So you keep your operatives up-to-date and your businesses happy.


Automated checklists minimise error with no paperwork for your operatives.

The MyCheckBox App automates all your checklists ensuring accuracy is kept right across the board. No lost bits of paper or waiting for reports to arrive. Operatives out in the field can relay important data in real-time to your administrative workers in the office, simply, accurately and at the touch of a button. No papers to lose or misplace and no forgotten boxes to complete.



Submit reports in real-time is simple and fast.

A standardised method of reporting used by all operatives in all service areas gives you peace of mind that all tasks have been completed correctly and within deadlines. Reports are sent via PDF in real-time. Your reports are simplified, organised and accurate.


Benefits You Will Love


The MyCheckBox App is simple to use for any type of checklist and it’s also yours to customise. Personalise with your business logo and address. Add operatives and create operative teams. Register companies and create bespoke task lists.


Standardising how reports are completed and submitted ensures accuracy in the field and no important tasks are missed. Reports are generated in real-time and downloaded via PDF to your designated destination.


All the data entered into the MyCheckBox App is stored securely using all current and modern methods of security, including SSL and DDoS protection. Data is only accessible to those with login rights.

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Launch Your App

Designed to make your business reporting accurate, simple and paper free, the MyCheckBox App is deceptively easy to use with the option to customise as your business grows.

To launch your MyCheckBox, contact us and we'll get you started straight away!

  • List

    Log into the MyCheckBox App as either Admin or Operative, select your service category and view your checklist.

  • Check

    All checklists are standardised so Operatives never miss an important task.

  • Done

    Reports are generated as a PDF and submitted in real-time.


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